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Clarkia, "Mountain Garland"
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Cleome, "Color Fountains"
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Clarkia,Mountain Carefree, widely adapted native wildflowers whose multiple flower stems are covered with ruffled ribbons of small blossoms shaped like tiny informal roses in a myriad of soft colors.  $2.79 Cleome,Color Fountains
Tall striking plants crowned with flower clusters of pale pink, white and rose-violet. Unique blossoms with spidery stamens are favorites of hummingbirds.  $2.79    




Columbine, "Mrs. Scott Elliot"  Perennial
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Cornflower, "Blue Boy"
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Columbine,Mrs. Scott Elliot Intricate  flowers with especially long, graceful spurs dance in beautiful combinations of color above lacy scalloped foliage. Elegant beauties imported from France.  $2.79 Cornflower,Blue
Classic heirloom flowers with thistle-shaped, brilliant blue blossoms. Spring-blooming Blue Boy makes a stunning cottage garden display perfect for old-fashioned bouquets.  $2.79    

   How to Grow Cosmos


Cosmos, Double, "Rose Bon Bon" 
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Cosmos, "Double Click"
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Cosmos,  Knee High, "Snow Sonata"
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Cosmos,Double,Rose Bon Bon Extra fancy, uniformly double blossoms packed with frilled petals in a rich romantic rose. This exceptionally beautiful and care-free new cosmos produces 3 inch flowers that bloom non-stop on long stems. $2.79 Cosmos,Double Click Bred in France for cutting. Lovely semi and double large frilly blossoms in rosy-red, pink, blush and white, all with sunny gold centers . Long stems and nonstop flowers.  $2.79

Cosmos,Knee High,Snow Sonata Compact, knee high, pure white cosmos for clouds of daisy shaped satin blossoms that cover the feathery plants like a snowdrift. Stunning for pathways or containers.  $2.99

Cosmos, "White Seashells"
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Cosmos, "Dancing Petticoats"
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Cosmos, "Little Ladybirds"
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Cosmos,White Seashells Exclusive - Beautiful, fluted, snow-white cosmos flowers with rolled seashell-like rays around sunny centers offer a three-dimensional effect. Blossoms dance nonstop above lacy foliage. Easy care. $2.79 Exclusive - Our cut flower cosmos mix includes the prettiest specialties: fluted petal "Seashells," semi-double ruffled "Psyche," and vigorous tetraploid "Versailles" in a luscious array of colors. $2.99 Cosmos,Little Ladybirds Jaunty, sparkling semi-double flowers in warm sunny crayola colors on short, open branching plants, perfect for containers or borders. Butterflies adore them.  $2.79

Cosmos, Knee High, "Sonata Mix" 
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Cosmos,Knee High,Sonata Mix

Award-winning, compact knee-high variety that blooms non-stop all summer in magenta, white, pink and rose with dark eyes.  $2.79 



Cypress Vine, "Maiden's Feather"
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Cypress Vine,Maiden's Feather Hard to find, heat-loving climber whose star-shaped petite flowers in rose, white, pale pink and scarlet highlight a tracery of foliage. Invites hummingbirds. $2.79

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