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Agrostemma, "Pink and Purple"
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Agrostemma, Pink and Purple
heirloom seeds

Exclusive - Satiny, fluted blossoms of lavender-rose and shell-pink float above grassy foliage. These beloved flowers bloom strongly all spring in a wave of shimmering color. $2.79


Alyssum, "Summer Romance"
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Alyssum, "Gulf Winds"
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Alyssum, "Summer Peaches"
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Alyssum, Summer Romance
attracts butterfies Attracts Beesgood for containers

Exclusive -Fast growing, honey- scented blossom clusters that cloak the ground in a fragrant tapestry of lavender, violet, rose-pink, and white. Attracts butterflies/pollinators/beneficial.  $2.79

Alyssum,Gulf Winds
attracts butterfies Attracts Beesgood for containers

Exclusive - new English variety whose tiny flower clusters quickly form a low tapestry of soft rose, pink, violet, lavender and white. Their honey-scented nectar is a butterfly magnet. $2.79

Alyssum,Summer Peaches
Attracts Beesattracts butterfiesgood for containers

Exclusive - New alyssum from skilled Dutch breeders. Honey-scented blossom clusters form a ground-covering pastel tapestry in soft peachy tones. Easy to grow, fast to bloom. $2.99


Amaranth, Globe "Mardi Gras"
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Amaranth, "Love Lies Bleeding"
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Amaranth, "Cinco De Mayo"
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Globe Amaranth,Mardi Gras
attracts butterfiesgood for containers

Exclusive -multi-stemmed plants with iridescent clover-shaped blossoms in a glowing mix of vibrant red, rich apricot-orange and luminous carmine. Attracts happy butterflies. $2.99

Amaranth,Love Lies Bleeding
heirloom seeds

Wonderful old fashioned flowers with wine red chenille-textured tassels that cascade from big, leafy 3 to 4 foot plants. Also called "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate". $2.79

Amaranth,Cinco De Mayo
heirloom seedsgood for containers

Exclusive - a celebration of brilliant color for excitement in every garden. Easy to grow spectacular foliage in electric yellow, scarlet-orange, magenta and multicolor pinwheels. $2.79


Asclepias, "Milkweed", "Bright Wings"
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Bells of Ireland, "Apple Green"
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Asclepias,Bright Wings
heirloom seedsattracts butterfies

Exclusive - Midsummer bloomer has bright clusters of blossoms in sunset colors. Butterflies eagerly visit these vivid flowers. Reliable hot weather lover, fine cut flower. $2.79

Bells of Ireland,Apple Green
heirloom seeds

Unique, eye-catching branching spikes cloaked in shell-like blossoms the same soft green shade as Granny Smith apples. Their form and color sets off all other flowers. $2.79


Bishop's Lace, "White"
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Cerinthe, "Pride of Gibraltar"
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Calendula, "Flashback"
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Bishop's Lace,White
attracts butterfies Attracts Beesheirloom seeds

Our cut flower strain of huge, filigreed snow-white blossoms on graceful long stems; a necessary component for exquisite summer bouquets. $2.79

Cerinthe,Pride of Gibraltar
heirloom seeds

Exclusive - In vogue in plant lover's circles, this fascinating annual's indigo-violet flowers dangle gracefully from bronzy-blue bracts above succulent rounded leaves. $2.99

Attracts ButterfliesAttracts Beesgood for containers heirloom seeds

Ornamental, and used for making cosmetics and soothing salve. These early blooming, semi-double flowers in gold, peach, apricot and orange have petals backed in red or maroon. $2.79


Cardinal Climber Vine
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Carnation, "Enfant de Nice"  Perennial
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Cathedral Bells Vine
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Cardinal Climber Vine
Attracts Butterfliesheirloom seeds

This tropical-looking, heat-loving flowering vine provides a beautiful vertical garden display. Clusters of 1 1/2 inch crimson flowers are dainty drinking fountains for welcome hummingbirds. $2.79

Carnation,Enfant de Nice
heirloom seedsgood for containers

Exclusive - romantic favorites for centuries, these old-fashioned carnations have intoxicating spicy clove perfume & ruffled double blossoms in soft colors, many with picotee markings. $2.79

Cathedral Bells Vine
heirloom seeds

This beautiful climber has blossoms like slender teacups sitting on a dainty saucer-like calyxes. The 2-inch bells turn from pale green to rose-violet. Blooms for weeks beginning midsummer. $2.79

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