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Scatter Garden Canisters

Our handsome and distinctive 7 inch re-sealable Scatter Garden Seed Canisters contain enough seed to broadcast a large area. Each can has a full description and complete "how to grow" instructions printed on the back. $12.95 each

Pollinator Flowers


Flower power for pollinators! Grow an easy care garden of fast growing annual flowers to provide food, shelter and habitat for endangered native bees, honeybees and a wide range of butterflies & other insect pollinators. Our custom blend of sixteen different varieties will bloom for months in lovely colors and many different forms. Ample 1.5 oz. seed covers 600-700 sq. ft.
Read more:
Planting Your Pollinator Flowers - photo guide & variety slideshow

   $12.95 ea.


Endless Bouquets Cut Flower Garden  


Grow your own gorgeous cut flowers that bloom in succession throughout spring and summer. Make lavish bouquets using nature's own paint box of beautiful colors and  formw. Ample 1.5 ounces of seed covers 350 to 400 square feet. More Info & Photos  

View: Growing and Cutting Your Endless Bouquet Garden :  how-to  video

   $12.95 ea.

Cover Crop Mix


Protect and fertilize garden beds after summer plantings are finished with vigorous this cover crop mix that chokes out weeds, holds and protects soil structure and builds soil fertility. Our carefully balanced blend of nitrogen fixing legumes, annual grasses, soil penetrating roots and cleansing brassicas will improve every type of garden soil. Ample 3 oz. of seed protects 500 sq.ft.
Read more: Planting Your Cover Crop Scatter Garden:  how-to photo guide

   $12.95 ea.

Colorful and Carefree Annual Wildflowers

   Individual Flowers in Mix

Our carefully selected annual wildflower seed mix will provide you with many different varieties of old-fashioned wildflowers in a full palette of forms and colors. This blend is perfect to cover open areas or neglected slopes or plant anywhere you want to enjoy a beautiful succession of wildflowers throughout spring and summer. The re-sealable Scatter Garden Canister contains ample seed to cover 600 to 700 square feet.
Read more: Planting Your Scatter Can Garden: how-to photo guide

   $12.95 ea.


                   California Native Orange Poppies 


Cheerful Native California poppies are a perfect choice for hot, dry areas and grow almost anywhere without a fuss. Sow these silky, golden-orange poppies to cover a neglected or hard-to-cultivate area or for a memorable display in a large garden space. Their bright, fluted blossoms will dance above feathery gray-green foliage to cloak the ground for weeks. These natives are easy to grow and drought tolerant, providing a carefree spring carpet of bloom in all climate zones. The re-sealable Scatter Garden Canister contains ample seed to cover 600 to 700 square feet with flowers.
Read more:  Planting Your Scatter Can Garden:  how-to photo guide

   $12.95 ea.

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