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Hummingbird Favorites

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Hummingbird Favorites



5179 H

Agrostemma, "Pink & Purple"

5162 H

Cardinal Climber Vine

5322 H

Cathedral Bells Vine


Catmint, Landscape Ornamental


Cerinthe Pride of Gibraltar

5283 H

Clarkia, "Mountain Garland"

5129 H

Cleome "Color Fountains"

5037 H

Cypress Vine, "Maiden's Feather"

5870 Daisy, "Chocolate"
5872 Dianthus, "Lace Perfume"


Echinacea, "Starlight"


Echinacea, "Paradise Mix"

5923 H

Four O'Clocks, "Broken Colors"

5133 H

Four O'Clocks, "Teatime"

5047 H

Foxglove, "Apricot Faerie Queen"

5924 H

Hollyhock, "Apricot-Peach Parfait"

5191 H

Hollyhock, "Black Watchman"

5163 H

Hollyhock, "Indian Spring"

5106 H

Hyacinth Bean Vine, Purple

5108 H

Mina Lobata, "Exotic Love Vine"

5107 H

Moonflower Vine

5205 H

Morning Glory, "Blue Ensign"

5925 H

Morning Glory, "Dawn Star"

5035 H

Morning Glory, "Early Call"

5360 H

Morning Glory, "Glacier Star"


Morning Glory, "Mailbox Mix"

5094 H

Morning Glory, "Grandpa Ott's"

5130 H

Morning Glory, "Scarlett O'Hara"

5188 H

Nasturtium, "Alaska Mix"

5874 H

Nasturtium, "Aloha Mix"

5044 H

Nasturtium, Climbing "Amazon Jewel"

5852 H

Nasturtium, "Buttercream"

5319 H

Nasturtium, "Cherries Jubilee"

5052 H

Nasturtium, "Copper Sunset"

5303 H

Nasturtium, "Creamsicle"

5947 H

Nasturtium, "Cup of Sun"

5041 H

Nasturtium, "Empress of India"

5040 H

Nasturtium, Climbing "Moonlight"

5043 H

Nasturtium, Climbing "Spitfire"


Nasturtium, "Vanilla Berry"


Nasturtium, "Whirlybird"

5130 H

Morning Glory, "Scarlett O'Hara"






Penstemon, "Garden Bells"


Rosemary, French

5105 H

Runner Bean, "Magic Beanstalk"


Runner Bean, "Painted Lady"


Salvia, "Marble Arch"


Salvia, "Coral Nymph"

3046 H

Sage, Organic, "Culinary" 


5067 H

Sage, Italian, "Aromatic"

5023 Zinnia,  "Apricot Blush"
5407 Zinnia, "Berry Basket"
5855 Zinnia, "Bling Bling"


Zinnia, "Blue Point"


Zinnia, "Cabaret"


Zinnia, "Cha Cha Cha"


Zinnia, "Cool Crayon Colors"

5070 H

Zinnia, "Cut and Come Again"

5408 Zinnia, "Decor"


Zinnia, "Girl Scout Anniversary"

5073 H

Zinnia, "Granny's Bouquet"

5104 H

Zinnia, "Green Envy"


Zinnia, "Hot Crayon Colors"

5856 Zinnia, "Little Lion"

5072 H

Zinnia, "Persian Carpet"

5837 Zinnia, container "Pixie Sunshine"
5413 H Zinnia, "Polar Bear"

5117 H

Zinnia, "Raggedy Anne"


Zinnia, "Raspberry Sorbet"


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5114 A Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden

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