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French Baby Bush Beans, "Nickel Filet"
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 French Bush Beans "Roc d'Or"
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Cauliflower, "Amazing Taste"
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Gourmet beans originally developed for upscale restaurants, with tender-sweet, 3 to 4 inch pods borne in abundance on compact plants. Extra fancy beans need only brief cooking and little adornment. $2.99

French variety produces the best tasting yellow beans available: long, rounded, sunny-yellow pods with a delicate and buttery flavor. Plants are vigorous bearers with good resistance to bean viruses. $3.79

Exclusive: Outstanding early Dutch hybrid produces dense heads of tender, creamy white curds with superb mild, nutty sweet flavor. Strong outer wrapper leaves protect both head quality and color. $2.99

Gourmet Chard,  "Peppermint Stick" 
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Gourmet Collards, "Green Flash"
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Japanese Cucumber, "Tasty Treat Slicer"
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Exclusive: Eye-catching new chard with crispy stalks striped in hot pink and white and large, vibrant green leaves. Harvest at baby leaf stage or grow into beautiful, big-framed edible landscape plants. $2.99

Top yielding, vigorous hybrid whose tender, huge paddle-shaped leaves have excellent mild sweet flavor. Extremely high in fiber and vitamins. Bolt resistant for longer, more dependable harvests. $2.99

Thin-skinned with crisp, mild, juicy flesh, these “burpless” cucumbers never need peeling. Long, perfectly straight fruits on vigorous vines that produce right until frost. $3.79

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Dutch Kale, Triple-Curled, "Darkibor"
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 Heirloom Cutting Lettuce,  "Flashy Trout Back"
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Baby Romaine Lettuce, "Ruby Gem"
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Dense rosettes of triple curled rich green leaves. This edible landscape plant has a great tasting, mild and sweet flavor. Weather tolerant hybrid, at home in both vegetable and ornamental gardens. $2.99

Leaves of this great tasting, handsome heirloom are lavishly splashed with wine-red against a bright green background and their pretty speckled appearance begins right at the seedling stage.  $3.79

Exclusive: Heavy, plump little heads with tightly folded, ice-green hearts and ruby red tops. Fast-growing with crisp, juicy texture and marvelous flavor. One head makes a perfect salad for 2 - just add dressing!  $2.99

Gourmet Tuscan Melon, "Napoli"
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Baby Snack Peppers, "Yummy Belles"
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Baby Butternut Squash, "Honey Nut"
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Exclusive: Delicious, early ripening Italian specialty melon whose crack resistant vines produce luscious netted fruits with deep orange flesh renowned for complex rich, sweet flavor and spicy floral aroma. $2.99

Highly productive plants load up early with thick-walled, plump and juicy 3 to 4 inch mini peppers that ripen quickly to bright orange. Sweet and delicious for fast snacks and salads or grilling.  $2.99

Exclusive: Terrific ‘personal size’ 4 to 5 inch butternuts, mature about one pound each with exceptionally rich, nutty, sweet flavor. Space saving, mildew resistant vines twine easily on fence or trellis. $2.99

Cherry Tomato, "Sweet Gold"
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Heirloom Tomato, Organic, "Black Cherry"
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Japanese Baby Turnips, "Mikado"
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Exclusive: Glossy, golden yellow sweet cherries, perfect for fresh snacks, salads and stirfries grow effortlessly on sturdy indeterminate vines. Early bearing with heavy clusters of tasty fruits throughout the summer. $2.99

Heirloom cherry tomato with a rich mahogany-purple color and sweetly complex flavor. The round, 1-inch fruits grow in abundant heavy clusters on vigorous, fast growing indeterminate plants. $3.79

Easy to grow, pretty little globe-shaped roots have crisp, pearly-white flesh, fine texture and mild flavor. Tasty, nutritious tops make fine cooked greens. Plant in both spring and fall. $2.99

Heirloom Basil, Organic "Purple Opal"
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Alpine Strawberries,  "Heirloom Pineapple"
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 Fragrant Wildflowers, "Heirloom Chocolate Daisy" 
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Excellent heirloom strain with beautiful garnet-purple leaves and pink flowers. Equally at home in vegetable, herb or ornamental flower beds and borders. A fragrant and striking addition for bouquets. $3.79

Exclusive: Plump 1-inch pointed pastel yellow berries with the delectable flavor and aroma of pineapples and roses. Mounding perennial plants are rugged, easy to grow and don’t set runners. Produces first year. $2.99

This cheerful, deer resistant native wildflower has a tantalizing chocolate scent that perfumes the sunshine with a continuous show of deliciously fragrant butter-yellow little blossoms season long.  $2.99

Fragrant Dianthus,  "Lace Perfume" 
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Butterfly Flowers, Echinacea, "Paradise Mix"
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Hummingbird Nasturtiums, "Aloha Mix"
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Exclusive: New, highly fragrant hybrid with dainty laced and fringed blossoms that look like softly colored snowflakes. Heady, spicy/sweet clove-like perfume. Sturdy plants grow 12 to18 inches tall.  $2.99

Exclusive: Complete range of the newest forms & colors of this long-lived perennial. Harmonious blend of rosy-purple, apricot, yellow, orange, cream. Butterfly beacons that return to enchant every season. $2.99

Exclusive: Custom mix in soft tropical shades includes apricot, cream, soft yellow and rose. Pretty blossoms atop lily pad-shaped leaves are a lovely garden tapestry. Grows readily in pots or garden beds.  $2.99

Heirloom Poppies, "Lauren's Dark Grape"
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 Heirloom Sweet Peas, "Spencer Ruffled"
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Double Cutting Zinnias, "Cabaret"
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Stunning heirloom with huge chalice-shaped 4 to 5 inch satiny blossoms that absolutely glow in deep, port wine shades atop big, lettuce-like, blue-gray leaves. These showstoppers grow 3-5 feet tall. $2.99

Exclusive: Lovely fragrant mix from the premier English breeder offers the best classic Spencers with perfectly formed, big blossoms in rich, clear colors. Chosen for outstanding quality & garden performance.  $2.99

Exclusive: Extravagant ruffled zinnias in fabulous “dance all night” hot colors that turn up the volume in sizzling shades of bright rose, rich purple, brilliant lilac, magenta, deep orange and warm yellow. $2.99

Poppy,   "Mexican Tulip"
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Soil Builder Cover Crop Seeds - Bonus Pack
soilbuilder mustard cover crop


Bushy 1-1/2 foot tall plants with finely cut foliage and satin-textured flowers shaped just like sunny yellow tulips. Lovely long-blooming striking accents in beds and borders. $2.99

A high biomass, soil building "green manure" cover crop to protect and restore soil for future plantings. Captures soil nutrients, prevents leaching, improves drainage and helps control soil borne diseases. Highly recommended for late fall or early spring planting. Contains 3 oz. of seed. Covers 300 sq. ft. $6.79    


Scatter Garden Canisters:


Cover Crop Mix Scatter Garden

Pollinator Flowers Scatter Garden


Our balanced blend of nitrogen fixing legumes, annual grasses, soil penetrating roots and cleaning brassicas will protect and improve every type of garden soil.  The re-sealable Scatter Garden Canister contains ample seed to cover 600 to 700 square feet. $12.95

Fast growing annual flowers provide food, shelter and habitat for endangered honeybees, native bees and a wide range of butterflies and other insect pollinators.  The re-sealable Scatter Garden Canister contains ample seed to cover 600 to 700 square feet.  $12.95



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