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Seed Information  

Colorful Carrots

Winter Squashes

Lavender for Sachets

Cucumbers for Pickling

# of Seeds in Packets
Days to Maturity/ Weight/ Type (Heirloom, Hybrid or Open Pollinated
Annual/Perennial/Biennial for Herbs and Flowers
Botanical Names for Flowers and Herbs

Renee's Garden Tomatoes -Indeterminate or Determinate
Seed Buying 101 -A Gardeners' Glossary of Terms
Seed Buying 201 (seed questions answered) (.pdf)
Heirlooms and Hybrids - What's Best?
How We Choose Our Seeds
How to Store Extra Seeds
Kitchen Garden Designs
Organic Seed Coating
Renee's Equivalents to Shepherds' Garden Seeds
Water Thrifty Varieties

 Planting Info

When to Plant Chart
When to Plant in Texas
When to Plant in Mid and Southern Florida
What to Plant in May
What to Plant in June/July
What to Plant for School Gardens