About Renee


Renee Shelton

My love affair with plants began back in the late 70s with indoor house plants & expanded to outdoor gardening as “therapy” while raising four small children. The hobby turned professional in 1992 when I became a sales rep for a small wholesale nursery. That part-time job blossomed into a 13-year career with Orchard Supply Hardware, where my association with Renee’s Garden first began. After leaving my position as nursery buyer at OSH, I had the opportunity to head the start up of a new garden center in Morgan Hill and managed the store for five years. I am absolutely delighted to work at Renee’s Garden.

I have lived in San Jose for fifteen years in a condo with limited gardening space, so I do a lot of planting in containers.  Being outdoors is a first love and when I’m not gardening I love beachcombing, leisurely hiking and just poking around outside. A collector at heart, I truly believe one person’s junk is another’s treasure, so I also haunt flea markets and unique shops whenever I can. My greatest joy though is being “Mimi” to my two young grandchildren, Presley and Jack, and spending time with family.