About Mila

Mila van de Sande

Known by many as the Green Goddess, Mila originally came from the east coast, but the search for warmer weather brought her here to California. She loves working outside and being surrounded by plants.  As the assistant gardener at Renee’s Garden, she feels it is great to have this experience as part of her job here at Renee’s.
Mila started her horticultural career at Molino Creek Farm, in Davenport, CA in 1998. There she harvested vegetables and flowers. This led her to the horticulture department at Cabrillo College, where she gained essential knowledge and experience and received an AS degree in General Horticulture and Crop Production.
She was hired as a student assistant to do plant propagation and continued for 5 years after graduating, specializing in growing succulents, cut flowers, and bedding plants. At Cabrillo she worked side by side with Lindsay, Renee's trial garden manager, so they are now reunited! 

Some other interests of Mila’s are dancing (especially Salsa), eating, going on walks, eating, spending time with friends and family, and eating. She also loves music and goes to concerts quite frequently.