About Laura


Laura Schaub

Laura Schaub, Marketing Manager, has been a loyal Renee’s Garden customer since the old days of Shepherd’s Garden Seeds (her only source for old-fashioned fragrant sweet peas during her fanatical new-gardener-stay-home-mom years). She always liked that Renee was local, passionate and very, very smart.

25 years later, Laura brings her own smarts in marketing, design, horticulture and community building to Renee’s Garden. She is so pleased to be working for a company she’s known and admired for so long; and looks forward to growing right along with it.

Laura has a degree in Art History, but spent much of her career in high-tech marketing communications and advertising. She escaped the dot.com boom to start her landscape design business in 2001, and expanded her practice to include new media marketing for green industry clients in 2009. She has a strong connection with the SF Flower & Garden Show, and for several years has been their social media voice.

Laura’s favorite thing is having interesting travels to wild places, taking lots of pictures, and sharing a few of them with others. As a new media devotee and information junkie, her iPhone, iPad and/or MacBook are rarely out of reach. She has two really cool, interesting, young adult children, and two exceptional cats. She spends much of her time near the sea.