About Kathy

Kathy Chesus

Kathy Chesus, Regional Sales Manger, has a business background in Purchasing and Inventory Control in the Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz areas. She took a leave from the business world to raise her four children in the Santa Cruz Mountains, with her husband, Jim, volunteering her time to assist in the classrooms, ball fields, and local theatre, and worked for the school district with children with special needs.
Kathy grew up in the Mid-West near the wheat and cornfields and started her first large garden with college friends and a ’49 John Deere tractor. After a year and half travel in Europe, North Africa and India, enjoying many new cuisines and cultures, she and her husband moved west to the San Francisco Bay area and found great enjoyment in gardening in a new climate. They have been in the Santa Cruz mountain community for nearly 28 years and have passed on their love of gardening to their children.

Kathy’s first introduction to Renee’s Garden was through Renee’s first company Shepherd Seeds when she purchased seeds for her first garden across the street from the current office. So, things have come full circle as she sought out a position with Renee’s and found herself back in that same office, all these years later!

Kathy enjoys talking with current and future customers and passing along her enthusiasm for unique varieties of flow