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Cheri Brownfield

Cheri Brownfield, Accounting Manager, has a background in multiple business roles including accounting, sales, product management and project management. With a degree in Accounting from Fresno State University, Cheri has returned to her roots in accounting at Renee’s Garden.

Cheri moved to the Bay Area in 1995 from the Central Valley where she grew up in one of the premier agricultural areas of the country, and lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her husband Rod and two children Jack and Jennifer.
Prior to the rigors of parenthood, Cheri and Rod were original members of an amateur wine making group in Half Moon Bay affectionately called the Tipsy Moon Winery, buying grapes from local growers and turning them into wines that to this day win ribbons at competitions across the state.
Today, Cheri enjoys gardening with her husband Rod who is a self-proclaimed ‘chile head’, growing a wide variety of spicy peppers every year.