March 2014

Seed Buying 201: Seed Questions Answered

This month we're pleased to feature the newest press release from the Home Garden Seed Association. This new trade organization promotes gardening from seed and Renee's Garden and many other home garden seed companies are members. Seed Buying 201: Seed Questions Answered offers clear answers to many questions our customers ask these days, including:

- What is an heirloom variety?
- Are heirlooms really tastier and easier to grow?
- What is a hybrid seed variety? Why choose hybrids?
- What is an open pollinated or "OP" seed variety?
- Can I have an organic garden if I don’t use
  Certified Organic seeds?

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March in the Trial Garden

by Lindsay Del Carlo, Trial Garden Manager

We’ve finally had some rain, and are now enjoying calm spring like weather in our northern California Trial Garden. Most of the raised beds are have been planted over the winter with our Renee's Garden Cover Crop Mix or Soil Building Kodiak Mustard. It’s time to start incorporating these cover crops into the soil to prep the beds for planting. Since we’ve let the cover crop get tall in our large beds, we will first cut it down with a weed whacker, cover the residue with black plastic to hasten the breakdown, and then turn the plant residue into the soil after about 3 to 4 weeks. In smaller beds that we want to use right away, we will pull the cover crop out by hand and add it to our compost pile. Then we will prepare the bed with our finished compost and sow seeds directly.

Our early sowing of baby leaf spinach has been covered with white row cover to protect it on cold nights. Row cover does a fine job of insulating and helps seedlings germinate quickly and evenly. Keeping the spinach covered until the first harvest will keep out pests like leaf miner and aphid, so we will have perfect looking spinach ready to enjoy.

We have begun to sow tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants in our greenhouse this season and are using these handy “Speedling” plug trays to start the seeds. These polystyrene trays are reusable with individualized pyramid shaped cells which virtually eliminate transplant shock. The shape of the cells helps roots grow downwards and when the seedlings are well-established, they easily pop out of the tray and are ready for transplanting. Speedling Trays are readily available on the internet. There are other crafty methods to start seeds using recycled kitchen containers, check out our blogto read about them.

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