February 2014

Starting From Seed

Growing from seed is not complicated and it's wonderfully satisfying to experience the whole growing cycle as you watch baby seedlings grow into sturdy plants. Visit our Gardening Help section for articles and how-to guides. Here's a selection of resources to help you start seeds early indoors this season:


How to Start Your Seeds Indoors

Starting Tomatoes Indoors and Transplanting Seedlings
guide with photos

Starting Seeds in Containers to Transplant into Your Garden
guide with photos

Growing Sweet Peas - Starting Seeds Early and Transplanting

guide with photos

Heirlooms and Hybrids- What's Best for the Home Garden?

Store Extra Seeds Properly

Get Great Germination (.pdf)


Web Special: Two Insanely Hot Chilies

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Now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, these super incendiary chiles set new standards for heat: Ghost Peppers tested at an unbelievable 1 million Scoville heat units, and Trinidad Scorpion blew it away at an amazing 1.4 million Scoville heat units. That's well over twice the heat of our ultra-fiery Red Savina habaneros and 200 times hotter than our Jalapenos!

Bhut Jolokia

 Ghost Pepper
Trinidad Scorpion

February in the Trial Garden

by Lindsay Del Carlo, Trial Garden Manager

It has been an unusually warm winter in our Northern California trial garden, allowing for an earlier than expected harvest of cold tolerant vegetables we planted last fall. We have been interested in adding Brussels sprouts to the Renee’s Garden seed line so we are trialing a few different varieties. One stands out for garden performance with sprouts that are large, heavy for their size and abundant on the stalks. Home grown Brussels sprouts are especially delicious because their flavor is so fresh and sweet and they cook quickly. We will be roasting and sautéing lots of sprouts this week to decide which variety is the best tasting.

We are ready to begin harvesting our large trial of “Kuroda” carrots, which are popular in Asian markets. They are very large, deep orange to red color roots with a thick tapered shape. They are recommended for fresh eating and especially for juicing. We have about 5 varieties of kurodas from different seed producers in our trial and are looking forward to comparing them all side by side and evaluating their flavors in the kitchen.

Renee has been meeting directly with many of the fine seed producers that we buy seed from and hearing the latest about what they have available to discover new varieties. We will soon be receiving many seed samples for our trials list for this season including dwarf cosmos, new bicolor zinnias, striped morning glories, unusual species of sweet peas, ornamental flowering carrots, mini winter squashes, different colors of beets, baby kales, heirloom tomatoes from Germany and Italy, snacking peppers from Japan and the Czech Republic and an assortment of different herbs from a small Italian company.

Certified Organic
 Seed Potatoes
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Growing your own potato crop gives you the opportunity for wonderful choices. Homegrown potatoes are delicious, easy to grow, nutrition-packed and high in fiber. We are pleased and proud to offer only USDA virus indexed Certified Organic seed potatoes. Potatoes are shipped directly from the farm in Maine at the right time for spring planting in your climate zone.



Seed of the Month

Cauliflower, "Amazing Taste"

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Cauliflower Brie Soup

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