September 2013

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French Baby Bush Beans
"Nickel Filet"

Organic French Bush Beans
"Roc d'Or"

"Amazing Taste"

Gourmet Chard
"Peppermint Stick"

Gourmet Collards
"Green Flash"

Organic Japanese Cucumber
"Tasty Treat Slicer"

Baby Snack Peppers
"Yummy Belles"

Organic Heirloom Cutting Lettuce
"Flashy Trout Back"

Baby Romaine Lettuce
"Ruby Gem"

Gourmet Tuscan Melon

Dutch Kale
Triple-Curled "Darkibor"

Baby Butternut Squash
"Honey Nut"

Cherry Tomato
"Sweet Gold"

Organic Heirloom Tomato
"Black Cherry"

Japanese Baby Turnips

Organic Heirloom Basil
"Purple Opal"

Alpine Strawberries
 "Heirloom Pineapple"

Fragrant Dianthus
"Lace Perfume" 

 Fragrant Wildflowers
"Chocolate Daisy" 

Butterfly Flowers
Echinacea, "Paradise Mix"

Hummingbird Nasturtiums
"Aloha Mix"

Heirloom Poppies
"Lauren's Dark Grape"

Heirloom Sweet Peas
"Spencer Ruffled"

Double Cutting Zinnias

New Bonus Pack and Scatter Gardens Coming in October:


Caliente Mustard Bonus Pack
Soil Builder

Cover Crop Scatter Garden
Protect and Fertilize

Pollinator Flowers Scatter Garden
Flower Power for Nature's Pollinators

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