April 2013

 Flower Decorations

Stuffed Squash Blossom Recipe

Please Do Eat the Flowers

Edible Blossom Tea Sandwich Recipe

Flowers are a universal symbol of beauty. We offer them as gifts on special occasions or simply to show appreciation, but flowers can also play a delicious role in the kitchen in both savory and sweet recipes.   

While we are used to eating the unopened buds of flowers like artichokes, the blossoms of many pretty and popular plants are also edible and good tasting. Well-known edible flowers include nasturtiums, roses and squash, but the flowers of most kitchen herbs like arugula, cilantro, thyme, dill, basil, sage and lavender add flavor and eye appeal to many dishes.    Read more / recipes

Preparing Edible Flowers

Nasturtium  Sandwiches

Candied Violas

An old-fashioned way to decorate cakes, custards, and puddings.

1 cup fresh viola flowers, gently rinsed and patted dry
1 egg white, at room temperature
¼ cup superfine sugar

Beat egg white until frothy. With a small, clean art or pastry brush, coat all sides of each flower’s petals with beaten egg white gently and completely. Sprinkle flowers carefully and completely with sugar. Place on a cake rack over a baking sheet and let dry thoroughly in a cool dry place. 
Store in a covered airtight container until ready to use.

Trial of Italian
and Curley Parsley

Early sown organic seedlings
 protected by bird netting

April in the Trial Garden

We eat a lot of Italian Parsley around here, so we were happy to be doing a big trial of both Italian flat-leaf parsley and curly parsley to see if there are even better varieties than what we already carry. The parsley varieties looked the same, but full, sweet  flavor is what it is all about. We concluded that our current selections still have the best taste after picking and enjoying them in salads and omelets.

For the upcoming season, we are concentrating on trialing more Certified Organic varieties to add to our new organic seed line. Just about every bed is sown with different cool season varieties like lettuce, cilantro, beets, carrots, arugula, cress, red turnips, purple radish, baby leaf spinach, chard, and parsnips.

The greenhouse is approaching maximum capacity with all of the warm weather loving, long season varieties we are trialing including tomatoes, peppers, climbing mini kabocha squash, watermelons and different flowers. Everything is growing quickly, so when the night temperatures are reliably up in the 50 to 55F (10 to13C) range, these seedlings will get moved outside to "harden off" (acclimate to outdoor conditions) before being planted out in the garden beds.



Seedlings are thriving
 in the greenhouse


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