February 2013

A School Garden Making Real Change
...and how we can help

Melinda Smith and her colleagues at her Jonesboro, Arkansas elementary school have successfully created the kind of program that is vitally important in the world we are all facing today. In their hands-on "garden classroom”, kids learn lessons that incorporate basic science, math, nutrition and the environment. They produce the vegetables and greens used in the "teaching kitchen" where they prepare and cook their produce, learning to make and enjoy healthy meals. Melinda's challenge is to keep the garden going, move ahead and expand the program.
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We want to help Melinda’s program grow and succeed, and are inviting our customers and friends to join with us to make that happen. I asked Melinda to make a Wish List of things she really needs but can’t afford for her program. When you make a donation towards the things on her Wish List, Renee's Garden will match $500 of the total dollars donated.

Here's How:
Look over the items on Melinda's Wish List and send a check for the value of the item (s) you'd like to donate. (Of course any size dollar amount you care to contribute is very welcome and will apply to our matching dollar offer). If you care to include your name and address or email, Melinda promises the kids will be be thrilled to write you back. Send your check to Jonesboro Public Schools (attn: for Melinda's "Little Green Thumbs") for the value of the item (s) you'd like to donate.

Melinda's Wish List

Send Your Donation To:

Yard and Garden Cart $259.95
Garden Caddy $139.95
Carryalls $16.95/ea
Kid's Waterproof Gloves, $7.95/ea

Cobbler Aprons $7.49/ea.
Heavy Duty Vinyl Aprons $8.70/ea.
Plastic Plant Labels $26 per 1000
Seed Trays $33/set
Wand Watering Head $9.50/ea.

ATTN: Melinda's “Little Green Thumbs”
Jonesboro Public Schools Finance Dept.
2506 Southwest Square
Jonesboro, AR 72401

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Bhut Jolokia
Ghost Pepper

Bhut Jolokia "Ghost Pepper"
& Trinidad Scorpion
Web Special - Limited Quantity

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Trinidad Scorpion

For everyone who loves fiery chiles, we have just obtained a small quantity of fresh new seeds for both Bhut Jolokia "Ghost Pepper" (C. chinense x C. frutescens) and Trinidad Scorpion (C.chinense) from the New Mexico Chile Pepper Institute.

Now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, these super incendiary chiles set new standards for heat: Ghost Peppers tested at an unbelievable 1 million Scoville heat units, and Trinidad Scorpion blew it away at an amazing 1.4 million Scoville heat units. That's well over twice the heat of our ultra-fiery Red Savina Habaneros and 200 times hotter than our Jalapenos!

Certified Organic Seed Potatoes
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Growing your own potato crop gives you the opportunity for wonderful choices. Homegrown potatoes are delicious, easy to grow, nutrition-packed and high in fiber. We are pleased and proud to offer only USDA virus indexed Certified Organic seed potatoes. Potatoes are shipped directly from the farm in Maine at the right time for spring planting in your climate zone.

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