January 2013

Renee's Garden Seed Donations Make a Difference

Every year, Renee's Garden donates seeds to a wide variety of organizations and educational programs worldwide that strive to improve social, economic and health conditions, and promote sustainable organic gardening. We also encourage retailers to donate unsold Renee's Garden seeds to local non-profit organizations at the end of the season. We are pleased to share just a few of their successful outcomes.

Health, Wellness and Environmental Studies School, Jonesboro, Arkansas

The HWES School is in Northeast Arkansas where the land is flat and the primary farming is rice and soy beans. It is in an area that is relatively poor and rural with about 70% of the students coming from low income families. Starting with three Bermuda grass infested courtyards and an abandoned former cafeteria, they now have a greenhouse, three outdoor classrooms with over 20 raised beds, an outdoor kitchen area and a classroom sized kitchen.

Melinda Smith - Program Administrator

Renee’s Garden is adopting this program for 2013 and invites you to join us. VIEW RENEE'S BLOG to find out how.

Seeds For Peace International, Saratoga Springs, NY

"We have many individuals and groups we send seeds to - some are here in the US and many are in Africa. Most of our African recipients are AIDS orphans. I will be sending a box to Lesotho soon - it is a tiny country within South Africa dealing with drought and food shortages. Our guidelines for people receiving seeds include war, disease, ethnic strife, natural disasters and poverty."

Sue Johnson,  founder and director

Food, What?, Santa Cruz, CA

"Food, What?" partners with teenage youth to grow, cook, eat and distribute healthy sustainably raised food. This serves to empower youth to realize their full potential, to enjoy life, and serve as grounds for hard skill and leadership development. Here are some photos of the "Food,What?" crew planting Renee's seeds this season. We grow food for 24 low income families each year, as well as cook and eat the veggies with the teens in the program."

 Abby Bell
"Food, What?"

SEE MORE..     Some of the Other Fine Non-Profits That Receive Our Seeds Include:   SEE MORE..

Viruga Artisans

Santa Cruz, CA

Plant a Row for the Hungry
Denver, CO

SW Illinois Corrections Center
  East St. Louis, IL

Renee's Fundraising Program
seed donationsOur Fundraising Program for Schools and Non-Profits was very successful this past year with 77 organizations participating, including numerous school gardens, community garden projects, Master Gardener groups, Arboretums and the Great Sunflower Project. If your organization is looking for an easy and effective fundraiser, sign up now and 25% of every order placed in 2013 that includes your unique code will be donated to your program.   More Info


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