September 2012

Reap The Garden's Bounty

The last long days of summer are special but always hectic. For the gardening cook, the results of all our labors are ready for daily harvesting, and often the abundance of fresh ripe vegetables and leafy herbs can threaten to overwhelm our kitchen counters and pantries. By this time of year, most of us are all getting fairly tired of our standard repertoire of preparing garden vegetables. It's a perfect time to try some new recipe ideas for meals to utilize the last big flush of the summer garden's rich rewards.

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Bean trials

Zinnias in many colors

September in the Trial Garden
by Lindsay Del Carlo, Trial Garden Manager

Our bean harvest has begun! We have been growing a large selection of varieties, including our Certified Organic introductions (available on our website next month). The organic Blue Lake pole beans, Royalty Purple bush, and Provider bush beans are all bearing in abundance. The Blue Lake pole beans are vining up a decorative obelisk in the garden and look especially lovely. We are also evaluating new beans to select a new mini filet variety and happily sampling their tender and sweet flavors as they come into full production.

Big decorative branching zinnias are also now in full bloom. We are trialing many single colors in order to make up our own new custom color mixes so customers can grow them for "instant bouquets." The top-quality seeds come from a wonderful Dutch seed vendor whose zinnia varieties have impressed us time and again with abundant flowers that display fully double petals and clear bright colors.

Unique new pink and blue pumpkins, whose seeds were sent to us from a newer American breeder are ripening on the vines and making quite a sensation in the garden. Porcelain Doll is a vigorous grower producing many truly pink-skinned pumpkins. Blue Doll has an almost square form with deep lobes and eye catching blue skin. We will try the sweet orange flesh of each of these in pies and soups in the upcoming weeks to see if they are as good tasting as they are handsome.

Organic beans vining on a trellis

Blue Doll and  Porcelain Doll Pumpkins

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