June 2011
 June Winners

"Gourmet Kitty" Contest Winner
Michael Ekberg,  Fitchburg, WI

"This is Lenny, enjoying your "Gourmet Mixed Greens"on our patio. Both of our cats flock to the greens as soon as we put them out! Lenny is a very chatty kitty that LOVES a good belly rub."

"Caption the Kitty" Contest Winner
Tracey Nixon, Hilliard, OH

"These all look very pretty,
but where are the chicken and fish seeds?"


Runner up:
Hannah Rodrigues, Naples, FL

"Cheeca loves his Cat Treats" It's not only healthy, it keeps him away from houseplants. He has to have his greens first thing every morning, before we make coffee or do anything else. When I feed him its like feeding an alligator - you have to be careful! Your blend is just the best product I have found: sprouts right away, grows fast and apparently tastes VERY yummy."

What to Plant in June/July

Tri-color Bush Beans

Don't be overwhelmed by a sense of being too late to plant. Summer producers will grow even more quickly from seed sown in early summer when the soil is well warmed up and teeming with life. You'll be surprised how fast seeds will come up and explode with growth. 


Scented Basil Trio
20% off through July 15

Our richly aromatic mix of perfumed Cinnamon basil, citrus-scented Mrs. Burn's Lemon basil and garnet-colored Red Rubin basil. This trio of beautiful herbs adds color and scent to beds and borders.


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"Grow a Rainbow Kitchen Garden"
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June In the Trial Garden
by Lindsay Del Carlo, Trial Garden Manager

For our big cherry tomato trial, we are trying a new trellising method because these big vines get so dense and heavy with fruit. We found that tall cylindrical cages didn't work very well, as it was a difficult to harvest fruit clusters in thick foliage, while decreased air circulation made the vines more susceptible to pests and diseases. So this year, we are growing them on slanted wire fencing. We planted our seedlings in one long row, then ran a roll of 6 ft tall wire fencing that rests at the base of the plants, then lays diagonally and rests on sturdy posts, with the fencing supported every 5 ft with bamboo.

This will allow the plants to grow up and spread out on the fencing, more like an espalier. As the vines grow, we'll train them onto the fencing with twine. We think this method will produce better air circulation and sun exposure over the entire plant, and the fencing's 4 inch squares will make it easy to reach in and harvest fruit clusters.

To make maximum use of the space, we planted oakleaf and butterhead lettuce trial varieties from a fine organic seed producer in Oregon all along the the new tomato fencing. The lettuces will get morning sun and by afternoon they will be shaded as the tomatoes fill in.

We are also trialing cucumbers, squash, and pumpkins this season. This spring especially, we heard from gardeners who were having difficult time with germination and vigor on these warm season crops. The problem turned out to be that they were simply sown too early, before conditions were warm enough. It helps to wait a few weeks longer before sowing their seeds, because warmer soil temperatures always enhances germination.
When starting these seeds in containers, it's critical to use fresh and good quality potting soil that contains enough nutrients to help these fast growing and heavy feeding varieties off to a good start. We always provide supplemental feeding with 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer every few weeks after germination for these vigorous vegetables while they are waiting to go out in the garden.

Recipe of the Month

Lemon Basil Pistachio Nut Snaps

Crispy but not too sweet, these delicious cookies make wonderful snacks or teatime treats.

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Pay Attention to Garden Relationships

Blue Borage

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