March, 2011

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"Tamir" the kitty clearly has something in mind! Write a caption for this picture and we will reward our favorite entry with a $25 gift certificate.
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March In the Trial Garden
by Lindsay Del Carlo, Trial Garden Manager

This is a busy time of year for indoor seeding here at Renee’s Trial Garden, and our greenhouse is filling up quickly. One of the most important things that we do is to rigorously test the germination of all of our seed stock to make sure that we are providing top quality seed to our customers.

Every time we receive a new batch of seed from our growers, it is first sent to a independent lab to test the germination rate. If the lab test results show a germination rate that is different from what the grower provided, we will test it again ourselves in soil to verify the results. We often conclude that the seed viability is just fine, but if we do find that the germination is lower than our standards, we will not use the seed in our Renee's Garden packets.

The month of March is also the perfect time to start tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, eggplants, and tomatillos. These South American natives require very long growing seasons, and in most US climate zones, they need a head start on the season by being sown early indoors. We sow the seeds in flats of sterile germination mix. When the seedlings are large enough to handle and have 1 or 2 sets of true leaves, we transplant them into individual containers, usually 3 or 4 inch plastic pots full good quality potting mix. Once the danger of frost is past, and nights are evenly in the 50°F range, we will move the seedlings outdoors into a sheltered spot to "harden off", or acclimate to outdoor conditions for about a week. Then we plant them out into the garden in well-amended soil.

Recipe of the Month

Bow Tie Pasta Sautéed with Chard and Toasted Almonds

This dish tastes like freshly sauced ravioli without all the work. The chard, nuts, herbs and cheese all go beautifully with bow ties.

Starting from Seed -
It's Easy and Satisfying

Growing from seed is not complicated and it's wonderfully satisfying to experience the whole growing cycle as you watch baby seedlings grow into sturdy plants. Visit our Growing Info and Help for articles and how-to guides for success with seeds.

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Best Wishes,
Renee Shepherd


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